the corner of the internet where i talk and rant abt music, games and other thingamajigs that pique my interest
i happen to use curse words and say slurs (that i can reclaim ofc) so if ur uncomfortable with that then uhmmmm

this site is best viewed on PC (preferably firefox!)

its still a work in progress and im a complete html noob so it may be a while before i start working on a mobile friendly version
also some of the images here and chatbox may not work on school devices so just a heads up lollolololol

none of the links in the nav section work but i promise ill add more pages soon!


Dec 11

added a box with links to my favorite sites!

Dec 6

changed the name to vermillion :p

Nov 29

updated the front page a lil, still figuring the design and aesthetic out... maybe i should make a carrd first and go off of that

Nov 19

restarted :/ fucked up the layout and just didnt like the aesthetic i was going for in general. i wanted to a slipknot-y black and red theme but it did not work out

I am a Mew!